Saturday, 28 May 2011

Matt Lavelle - Goodbye New York, Hello World (major, 2011)

Clarinetist trumpeter and low Matt lavelle was once a contributor prolific and thoughtful on the blog of jazz Brilliant Corners , with the man who helped bring the legend of free jazz almost forgotten Logan to realize in the spotlight. It has been quiet of late, but what he did, he did wonders and allowed him to produce an excellent album. Lavelle plays an arsenal of instruments: bass clarinet and viola, Horn, trumpet, Bugle and is joined by Francois Grillot on bass, Ras Moshe to SAX tenor and Rob Hubbard drums and percussion. The music is divided into two parts inter-woven, with four tracks featuring Lavelle in the context of Duet with the three remaining performances are intense full band improvisations. "Endings and beginnings" are indicative of the track in duo, with Lavelle way playing spare and open the accompanied by Bass trumpet in a duo open and spacious. It switches to the bass clarinet on "goodbye new york, Hello world", with light pulses of clarinet playing offshore which haunted and probe the cymbals. Full band tracks are another matter entirely. "You the tonic" is a stunner of jaw dropping of nineteen minutes of intensity and composure. Horn lead the band in a bloated free-bop improvisation, building massive intensity on the back of the features solo reed. Development deeply intuitive free-jazz band delves into deeper of the musical cosmos, screeching and caterwauling sometimes, but with a purpose always, never a nihilistic way. Another band full impressive improvisation is "Wayne" where the group develops a profound statement of theme before parade trumpet and saxophone and a pace of massive battery keep things move forward inexorably. Spare solo bass clarinet opens "Choice" until everyone joins in and harmonize the horns beautifully with frottees bass and percussion. A strong and deep frottee joined by clarinet solo bass low hollow sounding are still attractive sound for apprehension. This album was very well planned out and executed with the duo and full band to many tracks. Progressive jazz lovers are advised to check this soon. Now if we only get him blogging again... Goodbye New York, Hello World - amazon.com

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