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Indra Lesmana, and especially Jazz present XXIII: Silent Hill

Sunday last Primarily Jazz turned into a session acoustic sweet with N Endah' Rhesa. This same special session came after a special showcase by Indonesian sweetheart, Andien a week earlier, which is still showing his good Mignon it intervened in its maturity. One of the most beautiful soft females Jazzin voice of the Indonesia for romanticism brought to the scene in the form of story telling acoustic, we were wondering who will be the next highlight of the regular weekly jazz event that was created with the idea of Indra lesmana and honhon lesmana. Similarly, the Marvel ends here. Honhon announced officially for the last Sunday of may, this will be a very popular singer with a unique voice and the voice. It is none other than Tompi.

tompi, mostly jazz

While we have both female talent to fill the vocal sections in jazz, we have considerably less male to take the particular role. Yes, we do not have some great those from time to time, but the amount is not as much as jazz singers wife. Among them is Tompi , which was his professional career as a jazz singer for almost a decade. Born as teuku adifitrian in Lhokseumawe, Aceh and y high, he began really with taking the Faculty of Medicine of the Universitas Indonesia. While studying to be a doctor, he realized his passion for music that he took a voice lesson with Bertha and Tjut Njak Deviana also piano. Shortly after, he joined a group that was created in 2003 by Gita Wirjawan, Cherokee. Although it began to be noticed through his involvement in this group, it was the first salon of Bali who finally made him the wounds. From there, he climbed higher and higher in relatively little time with his solo career. Being a regular performer at festivals of jazz around the Indonesia is a proof of his fame as a gatherer of crowd. But more that it has a few standout and talents. Except its unique wide range voice which can go as low as Barry White high momentum as the sound of the Chipmunks, he is also able to imitate the sound of instruments like the trumpet, guitar and drums. He knows how control the scene and love always have fun onstage with spontaneous improvisations and interactions with the group. He conducted the pinned some popular songs outside the fence in its well funny but cool jazz interpretation, it has tons of hits of all his albums. Cool scat singing is also one of its instructional capabilities. Once in ourinterview with a singer named AtiliaMalaysia Tompi said: "it is engineering with terr. Today not many people can scat as it can. "Tompi was spotted very often at primarily of Jazz, but he now has the stage to himself as the special guest for this Sunday.

Standing on two different career might not be easy, but Tompi wants to show that he can do. During his singing career is smooth, he also masters the plastic surgery. We are completely different, but still Tompi sees something in common between them. "The two need artistic touch high", said. This week, the singing doctor will be stab his needle on red and White Lounge as the special guest of primarily of Jazz XXIII Edition. As usual the genuine spontaneous jam session will be be he y too, guarded by aziz Indra.

You are a fan of Tompi or a regular guest of primarily of Jazz? You are looking for a very affordable jazz event where you can see many jazz artists mingle all around you? Would you like enjoy a lifestyle Jazzin, or simply want to support our movement jazz with Indra Lesmana and fellow artists? Even if you only want to have a few hours of jazz relaxin, primarily Jazz welcomes you with open hands. Be there and enjoy the Jazzin Sunday night that only primarily Jazz can provide!

Indra Lesmana & especially JAZZ XXIII: Tompi

Date: Sunday, may 29, 2011
Time: 09: 00 - go (door opens at 8: 00 pm)
Jam Session begins at 10: 30
Location: Show red and white
JL. Kemang Raya 16 b, Jakarta

Admission: IDR 50,000
including first drink coverage
There is also limited CD Inlines music & Friends'

RSVP: + 62 21 7183184/71792252/81932337226 (sms only)

Obituary: Dreamworks Music Manager Smith Dies

Kenneth "kaz" Smith, a former manager of DreamWorks music and supervisor of independent music who has worked on films such as "american beauty", "gladiator" and "shrek," died on 3 may, after a battle with brain cancer year. He was 43.

He has worked in the DreamWorks Film Music Department from 1999 to 2008, when it becomes a Creative Manager for film and TV licences to EMI/Capitol Records. He occasionally independent as a supervisor of music on various independent films through his company High Volume Inc., including the indie 2002 "Kingston High" and "The Red Machine 2009."

He was credited as coordinator of characteristic on toons music including "Madagascar" and his suite, "Videes away" and "kung fu Panda."

Smith was a veteran of the Air Force who served during the Persian Gulf war.

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Herbie Hancock received an honorary doctorate from Juilliard - News

Articles jazz: Herbie Hancock received the diploma of doctorate honoris causa from Juilliard - Kimberly Huynh — Jazz Articles(@ import url(http://www.google.com/cse/api/branding.css); Open a sessionRegister JazzTimes 23/05/11 Herbie Hancock receives Ph.d. honoris causa from Juilliard also honoured were composer and conductor John Adams, actor Derek Jacobi and choreographer Twyla Tharp. Kimberly huynh

With a career of wide that spans five decades and brought to him fourteen Grammy Awards, Herbie Hancock has received other recognition for all his contributions to the community of jazz and music. Famous jazz pianist and producer has received an honorary doctorate in music from the Juilliard School, Friday, may 20, 2011 106th ceremony launching at Alice Tully Hall School. Other recipients of the honorary doctorate were composer and conductor John Adams, actor Derek Jacobi and choreographer Twyla Tharp.

Hancockatjulliard_depth1Herbie Hancock 1-106th ceremony launching the Juilliard received his honorary degree by Peter Schaaf Hancockatjulliard2_depth1 2 Herbie Hancock at 106th launch ceremony of the Juilliard received his honorary degree from the Juilliard Provost and Dean, Ara Guzelimian and Juilliard President Joseph w. Polisi by Peter Schaaf 1 2

Hancock was born in Chicago in 1940. First of all, it enters the stage musical at the age of 11, a young piano prodigy and performed Piano Concerto No. 5 in d major with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra of Mozart. Hancock released his first album jazz, takin' ' Off, in 1962 on the Blue Note label. Shortly after, Miles Davis recruited Hancock, and their five years working together with other artists, they have produced many influential, including albums

In addition to his musical contributions, Hancock worked to help keep the legacy of jazz as President of Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz. Hancock serves as founder of The International Committee of artists for peace, to show how the arts can promote the principles of humanism and non-violence.

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Tommy Smith: Karma - review

Scottish saxophonist Smith, a 1980s teenage prodigy, is today the most respected European musicians jazz - for his mastery of sax, but for its influence on culture jazz of his homeland through the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and its youth wingfounded and still directs. Smith can play tremble full-on post-bop or Explorer North-Euro atmosphere, but it is a powerful fusion album - which seems quite familiar at first, with its hammering backbeats (from the fierce Alyn Cosker), unison slick vocals and keyboard and Headhunters bass guitar effects. But Smith is much too smart to clearly and this set for what he calls his "grunge group" turns out to be a rare splicing of themes to rich tones, like pipes, tenor orchestrated fiercely throat improv, Arabic and Irish musictight grooving which suggests Weather Report or Chris Potter group Undergroundet haunting some atmospherics of his shakuhachi bamboo flute. Compositions of Smith are average before fusion slam-bang usual incursions, and the infamous pensive Star (based on an Irish folk song) is a benefit of great sax-ballad.

Jazz Icons: Series 3 Box Set (8 DVDs)

Jazz Icons: Series 3 Box Set (8 DVDs)**Exclusive Bonus Disc** Sonny Rollins: This collection includes two Sonny Rollins 1959 European concerts in which he is accompanied by recently re-discovered bassist Henry Grimes. Rahsaan Roland Kirk: performs Oliver Nelson's Stolen Moments backed by a cream-of-the-crop European rhythm section consisting of drummer Daniel Humair, pianist George Gruntz, and bassist Guy Pedersen.
A super-modest Sonny Rollins is interviewed in Stockholm 1959 before he performs Ellington's It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing at a blistering tempo with bebop-era standout Joe Harris on drums and Henry Grimes on bass.
Nina Simone: This collection includes a no-holds-barred Nina Simone live performance of Mississippi Goddamn followed by an interview with the Swedish program host. Features a 12 page booklet with liner notes by Ashley Khan, John Kruth and Rob Bowman.

Price: $119.99

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Pascal Schumacher: Bang my Can - review

Musician Belgian Schumacher indicated new jazz- directions vibraphone with his session here we Gong last year and he launches his successor with a handful of UK concerts during the summer, starting with a performance of Vortex May 31. This set of same key to Keith Jarrett (thanks to the work of pianist commonly Franz von Chossy) and a variety of classical composers of the 20th century, including Erik Satie, and according to Schumacher, groups of Radiohead via eclectic American composer-performers Bang is on a Can are influences here. Thumbnails short vibes shine, evaporate, construct catches of dry percussion under Bad more resembling ecstatic grooves, dances elegantly classical piano riffs are supported by the rattling of battery and it y aspiration ballad - like episodes in which the patient of the leading solo developmentCareful simultaneous Chossy and some hot low counterpoint like an updated version of the legendary Modern Jazz Quartet. The Groover loop Headspin suggests group hard rock of Neil Cowley, some low stormy bugged crunchings are reminiscent of old is peaked, but resolve in the delicate vibes showers. He composed closely, skilfully elegant music that mixes the abstractions with very accessible - although not always memorable - themes.

New Orleans Jazz Fest visitor complains of arrest to the porte de Gentilly

A woman from California to 64 years who said that she reached in her first new orleans Jazz Fest after a long battle with breast cancer herself in the handcuffs off the reasons fair, arrested on charges of criminal violationresisting an officer and public drunkenness.

jazz_fest_fair_grounds_trash.jpgDavid Grunfeld, The Times-Picayune archiveThe next day of the New Orleans Jazz Fest 2011 has been photographed on May 8.

It is, said laws Shelton, it did not touch a drop in more than a decade and without fighting.

A retirement family therapist, Shelton said that she squawked just when the officer stopped at the door of Gentilly.

"He grabbed my arm and wear me cuffs.". He did not say what it was or why, "she said." "" I've never been arrested in my life. It has never been a reason. ?

Arrest records show that Detective Gus complacency James Shelton April 30 to 5: 45 pm in the block of 1700 of Gentilly Boulevard. His report read in this way: "topic in parking lot during Jazz Fest." Subject has said three times to leave the area, but denied subject, pushing past the agent. Topic had mixed speech with a strong smell of drink alcoholic from his breath and person. ?

Shelton conceded that it did so good air at the time, with poison on his face, an outbreak of gastrointestinal and general fatigue. She says that she has not rebounded yet fully stage the treatment of cancer III in 2008.

"It was all adding them up, ' I want to (stay), but I need a rest."

She said that she walked back and forth to try to find the row for the appropriate shuttle bus and then approached the agent. It does not have much to answer, and then it passes by him, how he cuffed it, she said.

Police does not return a request for comments on what has happened.

Shelton was taken by the Cruiser at the central booking and expected hours with a group of other women who had been arrested, she said. It seems not police conducted a sobriety test. She called a friend lawyer in Lafayette, who concluded an agreement with an attorney of the city early Monday to abandon prosecution incurred if she agrees to waive its payment of bond of $450. Moreover, a judge would set a trial date later.

"Essentially, it has no choice.". It does not pay a ticket back, "said attorney James Barzee Jr."quite frankly, I think it was a way (to the city) to get rid of the case and the binding of money... (The Attorney of the city) never watched it. I do not think he had it even. ?

Barzee said he did not know the Attorney name. Eddie Walters, administrator of the Municipal Court of New Orleans, said that the bond is based on a schedule approved in the Court on the charges at low altitude. Where will go money forfeited to the Shelton was not clear Thursday, but Walters, stated that the deal of forfeiture made seem unusual.

Shelton, said she plans to file a complaint. She said that she gave up alcohol in the 1990s, with coffee and pasta.

"It's so ironic." My friends and my family here may believe, "she said at his home in Grass Valley, California, a small town near the Sierra Nevada.

Arrest of Shelton completed his Jazz Fest. It has blocked to hear some live music and record a change in flight, but his days of New Orleans are exceeded, she said. Before his departure, she visited a Jackson Square tarot card reader.

"She said: ' you be involved in a Court recently?". Well, you will get your money,'"Shelton says. "I thought was funny, because my attorney, said forget it.". We have made the deal. ?

John Simerman can be attached to jsimerman@timespicayune.com or 504-826-3330.