Monday, 30 May 2011

SITTI Back Up with a new easy-listening Album

The ruling Queen in the bossa nova opens his Kingdom to release its fresh new coming from his new album simply entitled "sitti" who have just arrived in stores this week.

All the 8 new pieces and 3 classic remakes are a fusion of original flavor bossa nova Sitti, mixed with provisions easy listening music sessions with artists such as Gary Granada renowned for the single "sulat", crooner Richard poon in "Dream enough" Ramon RJ Jacinto "muli" and Jek manual (formerly of Iaxe)-up to the 1990s his classical group "Ako' his 'Ika yo' y y related."

But among all these, single carrier "Wag Mo Na Munang Sabihin" Sitti moves the most. Written by the former leader of the group without sugar, the legendary ebe dancel itself, it's a song on the end imminent and inevitable of a relationship that could not simply work out. It was so beautiful and sad Sitti has admitted that it made its endured while recording it.

Following his 2009 Contagious album which presented his superb interpretations of tracks from the bossa nova, Sitti finally comes out of its shell as it gives us a glimpse of his own writing with the singles "Baby Im' In Love" and "end it With You" this new easy-listening record namesake.

Discover the perfect mixture of bossa nova and listening easy with the release of the album again Sitti of Warner Music, out now in stores of your favourite music.







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