Monday, 30 May 2011

Album review: Kurt Elling "door".

Charlie christenson is back and he is not happy last Jazz CD of singer Kurt Elling, the gate (Concord Records). Read his case against the album, which he regarded as an album without inspiration and poorly executed:

"It's official, jazz singer Kurt Elling that sold. The following is the case of the track by track from his latest album, The Gate (Concord, 2011:)

"Mat Kudasia" - a 1981 song by King Crimson, based on the Japanese words, which means "Please wait for me.". The arrangement was Elling, created on the spot by bassist John Patitucci. Missing definition previous arrangements focused on bass, laid-back, sleepy in the discography of Elling. This track provides the first glimpse of what is to come: pure vanilla... "?read more"

Image courtesy of Concord Records

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