Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Indra Lesmana, and especially Jazz present XXIII: Silent Hill

Sunday last Primarily Jazz turned into a session acoustic sweet with N Endah' Rhesa. This same special session came after a special showcase by Indonesian sweetheart, Andien a week earlier, which is still showing his good Mignon it intervened in its maturity. One of the most beautiful soft females Jazzin voice of the Indonesia for romanticism brought to the scene in the form of story telling acoustic, we were wondering who will be the next highlight of the regular weekly jazz event that was created with the idea of Indra lesmana and honhon lesmana. Similarly, the Marvel ends here. Honhon announced officially for the last Sunday of may, this will be a very popular singer with a unique voice and the voice. It is none other than Tompi.

tompi, mostly jazz

While we have both female talent to fill the vocal sections in jazz, we have considerably less male to take the particular role. Yes, we do not have some great those from time to time, but the amount is not as much as jazz singers wife. Among them is Tompi , which was his professional career as a jazz singer for almost a decade. Born as teuku adifitrian in Lhokseumawe, Aceh and y high, he began really with taking the Faculty of Medicine of the Universitas Indonesia. While studying to be a doctor, he realized his passion for music that he took a voice lesson with Bertha and Tjut Njak Deviana also piano. Shortly after, he joined a group that was created in 2003 by Gita Wirjawan, Cherokee. Although it began to be noticed through his involvement in this group, it was the first salon of Bali who finally made him the wounds. From there, he climbed higher and higher in relatively little time with his solo career. Being a regular performer at festivals of jazz around the Indonesia is a proof of his fame as a gatherer of crowd. But more that it has a few standout and talents. Except its unique wide range voice which can go as low as Barry White high momentum as the sound of the Chipmunks, he is also able to imitate the sound of instruments like the trumpet, guitar and drums. He knows how control the scene and love always have fun onstage with spontaneous improvisations and interactions with the group. He conducted the pinned some popular songs outside the fence in its well funny but cool jazz interpretation, it has tons of hits of all his albums. Cool scat singing is also one of its instructional capabilities. Once in ourinterview with a singer named AtiliaMalaysia Tompi said: "it is engineering with terr. Today not many people can scat as it can. "Tompi was spotted very often at primarily of Jazz, but he now has the stage to himself as the special guest for this Sunday.

Standing on two different career might not be easy, but Tompi wants to show that he can do. During his singing career is smooth, he also masters the plastic surgery. We are completely different, but still Tompi sees something in common between them. "The two need artistic touch high", said. This week, the singing doctor will be stab his needle on red and White Lounge as the special guest of primarily of Jazz XXIII Edition. As usual the genuine spontaneous jam session will be be he y too, guarded by aziz Indra.

You are a fan of Tompi or a regular guest of primarily of Jazz? You are looking for a very affordable jazz event where you can see many jazz artists mingle all around you? Would you like enjoy a lifestyle Jazzin, or simply want to support our movement jazz with Indra Lesmana and fellow artists? Even if you only want to have a few hours of jazz relaxin, primarily Jazz welcomes you with open hands. Be there and enjoy the Jazzin Sunday night that only primarily Jazz can provide!

Indra Lesmana & especially JAZZ XXIII: Tompi

Date: Sunday, may 29, 2011
Time: 09: 00 - go (door opens at 8: 00 pm)
Jam Session begins at 10: 30
Location: Show red and white
JL. Kemang Raya 16 b, Jakarta

Admission: IDR 50,000
including first drink coverage
There is also limited CD Inlines music & Friends'

RSVP: + 62 21 7183184/71792252/81932337226 (sms only)

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