Monday, 30 May 2011

Happy birthday Miles Davis!

The most famous jazz musician to come from the St. Louis metropolitan area, Miles Davis (photographed) was born on May 26, 1926 in Alton, he and grew up in East St. Louis. Today would have been 85th anniversary of Miles, and the occasion is celebrated across the country in many respects, including an official in East St. Louis City Hall party.

StLJN also received this morning a notice of a press conference to be held this afternoon to announce the Miles Davis Festival, an upcoming series of local events celebrating the legacy of Miles which will include concerts, art exhibits and photos and even a gift of a copy of The Genius of Miles Davis CD mega-set.

The official representatives of the estate of trumpeter Miles Davis properties, LLC are involved, as are the Sony/Legacy, Jazz Blues and soups of BB, Series Nu - Art and his coming, Metropolitan Gallery, the Room of Concert of Sheldonand radio station WSIE (FM 88.7). More details on what they are revealed...

During this time, there is much to celebrate in line, too. LIFE magazine has just released some previously invisible 1958 Davis photosand blog music The revivalist has a large tribute, including links to all the previous coverage of Miles here. Elements of Jazz has rounded of videos of various interviews related to Davis, the GrooveNotes of the 85th anniversary happenings investigations while in New York and elsewhere here.

As always, you recommend the Miles Davis online for news in Davis site and you can also enjoy Jeffrey Hyatt the MDGs this essay wrote StLJN on this date in 2009. You can view all coverage of Davis the StLJN linked by six years hereand brother site heliocentric worlds has a lot of performances of Miles Davis compiled video here.

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