Monday, 30 May 2011

Sunday & Jazz Klab @ Margo Friday Jazz of Jazz @ Dago Plaza II

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Last month KlabJazz made a breakthrough by taking Sunday Jazz to land on a whole new place. If before we got this regular jazz event twice a month at the same venue, now it’s divided to be served at two different places, Potluck Kitchen and Nyamak Foodcourt, Dago Plaza. Each of the venue has one turn for each month to deliver five or six bands under Sunday Jazz. New place, new atmosphere. The cool stage of Nyamak Foodcourt that’s designed in urban ghetto style held its first ever Sunday Jazz on April 24, 2011 by having 6 bands performing for 4 hours straight. Now the second episode of Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza is coming. For this edition KlabJazz will bring a new batch. 6 bands are ready to roll, each with their own style or musical background. Think of having 6 different sides of jazz while enjoying variety of foods at the same time with no cover charge required. That’s the least you could get this Sunday (May 29, 2011). So if you’re in Bandung and feel like having jazz, you can come to Nyamak Foodcourt, Dago Plaza to quench your thirst.

Meanwhile, we just got another good news. KlabJazz seems to get busy this week. Just two days before the second Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza, KlabJazz will merry this week’s Margo Friday Jazz first. Located just south of Jakarta, Depok now has Margo Jazz Community as the homebase for both jazz artists and jazz aficionados in that area. Both Bandung’s KlabJazz and Depok’s Margo Jazz Community are two of the most established and solid jazz communities in Indonesia at the present time. These two communities have been working together in numerous occasions, exchanging groups, inviting each other to play on both sides. KlabJazz visited their collague on October 16, 2009 in a special Bandung edition called KlabJazz @ Margo Friday Jazz. On November 7, 2010 it was Margo’s turn to play in Sunday Jazz XVIII in Bandung, featuring a set of talented young jazz artists in a group named Margo Rising Stars. It’s great to see the harmonious friendship between two well established communities like this. We won’t be able to go anywhere if we only walk alone in achieving our dreams. So collaboration like this will surely beneficial to our jazz movement.

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KlabJazz is sending 5 groups for this week’s Margo Friday Jazz. Halfwhole Project is the busiest one among the lineup since they will also play at Dago Plaza on Sunday. Ivan & Tesla who just released their album Dig This (available on our online store, click here to purchase) are going there too. The delicious fusion band Sekapur Sirih will be back in one complete unit for this occasion along with the action packed prog jazz with some ethnic touch group West Java Syndicate and last but not least, the groove/pop jazz band who can be very refreshing just like enjoying an ice cream on a hot summer day, Sunday Ice Cream. All these lineup will join a new band of Notturno‘s Cak Hend, Mr Funkenstein.

Let’s get deep a little with Mr Funkenstein. This band is really interesting mostly since they bring back the pure, high dose vintage funk just like Herbie Hancock in the 70′s, Deodato and the likes, or later appeared through Joey deFrancesco and many more. While lately funk has been more associated to the modern groove/pop band, Mr Funkenstein is the answer for us who feel thirsty for having the infectious vintage funk back again. “It was because of Joey deFrancesco’s appearance at Java Jazz Festival 2011, all of a sudden we all felt like playing the old funk like this.” said Cak Hend. They have performed at Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran’s 7th birthday, the 84th edition about 2 months ago, and now they are going to give the thick funk pattern on Margo’s stage. Mr Funkenstein wants to dedicate Funk & Blues as the roots in developing their concept. With the strong influences from Medeski, Martin & Wood, Joey deFrancesco, Jimmy Smith, Larry Golding, John Scofield, Big Organ Trio to Soulive 4, Yudha (sax), Cak Hend (drum), Shelly (organ) and Demank (bass) with additional player Basir (guitar) are cooking up their funk taste beyond limit. “It’s nutricious and will make you addicted!” said them on their Reverbnation page. If you listen to the songs there, you’ll know that they really mean it. This is one of the groups that we have no doubt to go big really soon. An album? You bet. Cak Hend also said, “We are preparing the materials at the moment for the album.” Before the album appear, let’s taste the high dose of funkin’ jazz courtesy of Mr Funkenstein on Margo Friday Jazz first. The show will be held on this Friday, May 27, 2011 at Margo City Mall, Jl Margonda Raya, Depok.

Back to the Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza 2nd edition, let’s look at a little profile of each band. First of all, we are curious to see how a violin ensemble play jazz. Led by one of the Bandung’s prime jazz violist Ammy Kurniawan, the Ammy Alternative Strings will bring their orchestrational concept to meet jazz discipline. Ammy is a personnel of famous independent group 4 Peniti as well as actively playing as a sessionist. Beside working as a musician, he’s also active as a teacher. He’s been teaching lots of kids for some years. Looking at the lack of jazz violists today in our music scene, we look forward to have more new players on the field coming from him.

Move to the next line up there’s Dyah Sekar Quartet. Led by a cute young pianist Dyah Sekar Utami, this group is ready to bring straight ahead as their menu. Like Ammy, Dyah Sekar is also active as a vocal and piano teacher at Elfa’s Music School. For this time Dyah will bring three of her friends including SHE‘s drummer Adisty Zulkarnaen, Ryan Hidayat (guitar) and Gallang Perdana Dalimunthe (electric bass). She’s participated a couple of times on Sunday Jazz before, like at the special edition of Jazz & Perempuan, Sunday Jazz @ Potluck XIX edition or in some jam sessions. Not only the straight ahead, she can play anything from swing to samba just as good. Halfwhole Project is going to continue their performance from the previous Sunday Jazz @ Potluck. They will give the joy of straight ahead too. Athfand Harahap (guitar), Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe (electric bass), Edward Manurung (drums) and Christ Stanley (electric piano) are the men behind this group.

One of the winner of Kampoeng Jazz band audition named KPH All Stars is on the list too. This group consists of teachers from Kruisnode Piano House (KPH). We saw them twice at the audition and the Kampoeng Jazz main event where they brought a very thick pattern of fusion. Like many of fusion bands all over the world, this group has also had two guitarists, Teguh Aditya and Irman Soeramihardja. The other personnel are Andre KPH (keyboard), Reza Bachtiar (bass) and Grand Doank (drums). Macchiato is the other band who’s said to bring fusion/jazz pop too for this edition. The band comprises of Johanes “Aang” Susetya (keyboard), Augustinus (drums), Roy Bimantoro (bass), Bramania (guitar), Dicky Suwarjiki (saxopohone) and Ronal “Beenyo” (bass).

sunday jazz @ dago plaza, sandy winarta trio, andy gomez, sandy winarta, kevin yosua

Last but not least, the stunning drummer Sandy Winarta will perform in the formation of three, Sandy Winarta Trio. Still at his relatively young age, Sandy Winarta is the most wanted jazz drummer at this moment. This native Balinese son knows how to give more than just rhythm with his drums. Besides his role as the drummer of some bands including Sarimanouk Quartet, Pitoelas Big Band and the most recent one joining Indra Lesmana and Barry Likumahuwa in LLW, he’s also active as a composer and music teacher. His experience has been wonderful so far by his appearances in many kinds of concert, from small combo to big sized orchestra. We still remember how amazing it was when Sandy played in the shape of quartet at Sunday Jazz @ Potluck IV last year. At that time he shared his basic thought of establishing a band where he stood as a leader. “It’s the group where we like to play standards… I just love to take standards as the template and then go on with our creativity in playing.” said Sandy at that time. One thing for sure, appearing with lasser team as a trio won’t make it less tasty. Other than his captivating play that can always make people focus on him, he will bring two standout fellow musicians, the great young bassist Kevin Yosua and the famous pianist from Yogyakarta, Andy Gomez. We’ve heard KlabJazz’s plan to bring Sandy Winarta back again gracing the Sunday Jazz event since two months ago but due to his busy schedule he was unable to come. Now it’s confirmed, finally we’ll have the chance to see the awesome drum playing of Sandy Winarta along with his trio.

Both schedules are set. The next Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza will be held on this Sunday as the result of cooperation between KlabJazz and Dago Plaza Management, and Margo Friday Jazz will come two days earlier. If you live around Depok, don’t miss KlabJazz’ invasion to Margo joining Mr Funkenstein. But if you’re in Bandung during this weekend, jump into the pool and join us at Nyamak Foodcourt, Dago Plaza.

KlabJazz @ Margo Friday Jazz

Date: Friday, May 27, 2011
Time: 7:30 – 11:30 pm
Location: Margo City Mall, Jl Margonda Raya, Depok

Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza II

Date: Sunday, May 29, 2011
Time: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Nyamak Foodcourt – Dago Plaza, Bandung
Jl Ir H Juanda no 61-63, Bandung


See you there!

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