Monday, 30 May 2011

PageFlip cicada-Bluetooth pedal

A moment ago I examined the Airturn Bluetooth pedals. I used my iPad as a PDF reader on your sheet of music for months now, and the pedals Airturn solved the problem of shooting of page, which has allowed me to start playing songs that were more lengthy page. A few weeks after I got pedals of Airturn the company discovered a problem with the mono jacks and had to recall most of the units they had shipped out. I sent my pedals back and waited to get replacements. The post office has lost my package for several weeks and I received very Impatiens because I was back to playing a pagers on the concerts, which was a big drag. My boyfriend Joe had picked up a new pedal called the cicada PageFlip which seemed pretty cool. I went ahead and ordered a while I waited for the post office to materialize my Airturn pedals.

There are a few things that interests me at the outset in the PageFlip. The first is the fact that the PageFlip is a single compact unit, unlike the Airturn, which consists of two separate pedals connected by cords of a Bluetooth transmitter box. One of the major issues that I had had with the Airturn was that pedals would constantly move as I. They had to be constantly repositioned hand. It was a real drag to keep the bending to fiddle with Airturn pedal on the floor between air. The PageFlip cicada never had need to be repositioned as the pedals were connected.

The Page Flip has a few features missing from the Airturn. The PageFlip cicada can be configured to transmit the page turns in different ways, depending on which application you use to read music. It can be set to send signals such as page up/page down, left arrow right arrow, mouse button left line underlining/delete or right mouse button. The cicada has also a repeated switch where you want the ability to quickly convert multiple pages.

The cicada takes place much less floor units of Airturn, which has unfortunately done also to a greater probability of walking on the wrong pedal in the heat of the battle. This brings me to the biggest problem that occurred when using the cicada PageFlip... accidental page returns. The pedals of the cicada are high enough soil to the Airturn, and they do not have much strength. This makes it very difficult to say when my foot was actually on the pedal. Thus, I felt like I had to keep my foot risen above the pedals, to avoid trigger them accidentally. If you wear hard sole shoes there are not enough tactile feedback when you are in fact hit the pedal. As I had my foot isolation would slowly drift down and trigger pedals if I has no attention to what I was doing, then....BAM... suddenly guitarist with that I played read the wrong changes. I finally obtained the freezing it and learned to keep my toes in the air and just made a motion of trampling exaggerated when I wanted to change pages. Annoying, but not a big deal really.

I have developed an easy to make it more effective when mod the cicada pedals. I slipped just folded pieces of paper in the upper part of the hinged pedals, which reduces the pedal to the point just above where they trigger. This eliminates the gypsy moth first part of the movement of the pedals, where I cannot even if my foot on the pedal or not. This also allows me to keep my lower toes, where before that I felt like I had to fight to keep my toes high so that I might accidentally trigger the pedals. There is much more strength with the pedal down and now I feel like I can actually when my foot pedals.

I think that the reason the most persuasive to go with the PageFlip on the Airturn ultimately cicada is probably the price. The Airturn trio (two pedals + transmitter) sells for $124.95, and more if you want to buy the Commission holds any place. The PageFlip cicada sells $79.95. I think the cicada is the pedal that I will be taking to my concerts.

Website of the PageFlip cicada

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