Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pascal Schumacher: Bang my Can - review

Musician Belgian Schumacher indicated new jazz- directions vibraphone with his session here we Gong last year and he launches his successor with a handful of UK concerts during the summer, starting with a performance of Vortex May 31. This set of same key to Keith Jarrett (thanks to the work of pianist commonly Franz von Chossy) and a variety of classical composers of the 20th century, including Erik Satie, and according to Schumacher, groups of Radiohead via eclectic American composer-performers Bang is on a Can are influences here. Thumbnails short vibes shine, evaporate, construct catches of dry percussion under Bad more resembling ecstatic grooves, dances elegantly classical piano riffs are supported by the rattling of battery and it y aspiration ballad - like episodes in which the patient of the leading solo developmentCareful simultaneous Chossy and some hot low counterpoint like an updated version of the legendary Modern Jazz Quartet. The Groover loop Headspin suggests group hard rock of Neil Cowley, some low stormy bugged crunchings are reminiscent of old is peaked, but resolve in the delicate vibes showers. He composed closely, skilfully elegant music that mixes the abstractions with very accessible - although not always memorable - themes.

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