Sunday, 22 May 2011

Twelves - calculator

Twelves album of the Trio 2008 here comes the Woodman With His fragmented Soul, announced the arrival of a new promising jazz unit, led by bassist Riaan Vosloo and two featuring the biggest frappeurs of the revival of the 21st century Brit-jazz : saxophonist ex-latrines Mark Hanslip and fraud drummer Tim Giles. Has stimulated a quartet with the addition of guitarist Rob Updegraff, Twelves deliver on that promise - and then some.

As on the previous album, the base for adding Machine model is the kind of swinging free-bop illustrated on the album of 2005 quartet bassist of U.S. William Parker, his unit. As Parker, playing the Vosloo holds a warm throb that manages to inject a hint of soul even abstractions more fractured. Girls Party whips up to a loose yet propulsive groove, step unlike Felon Brown of Miles Davis; Although Kerfuffle begins with a short, head Parade before sliding down into a lope tough, bass and drums to be robust closely as gnarled roots. Giles - certainly one of the most talented batsmen of his generation - is on form flaming, overall spoil rhythmic games and on tracks like the opening of many splendor thing: part 1, rolling of time with the muscular audacity of a young Tony Williams.

In the context of this strong rhythmic section, two melodic voices react with surprising, almost counter-intuitive touch lightness. Hanslip quickly became one of the most original voices on the London improv scene - as recently illustrated on his album in duo with percussionist Javier Carmona, DosaDos. Here, he carefully avoids macho assignment or post-Ayler overstating, sticking instead to a clear, straight lyricism, largely the range average Horn of occupation with a stoic, cool maturity. This is an approach that leaves room for Updegraff explore slightly heavier and more extended techniques on electric guitar, echoes of Hendrix him feedback control atmospheric forth with some of the echo-tired of the many underestimated British guitarist Ray Russell.

All this adds to a yet exploratory tight set that carefully balance the brains and brawn. Here is hoping that this is not a One Shot deal of this impressive quartet again.

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