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BGI OJ: Miri may be haven jazz

Posted on May 16, 2011 Monday

MIRI: With its mix of cosmopolitan and multiracial society, Miri should be able to become a center of jazz music in this region.

Take advantage of the show: Abang Johari Gets a tag of wrist upon arrival at the festival.

Expressing optimism, Minister of tourism and heritage Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said that he was inspired by the good response of performers and fans of jazz music to Borneo Jazz 2011 which concluded Sunday night.

"We have two international music festivals in the State, namely Kuching tropical music and Festival de Jazz de Borneo here in Miri." Rainforest Music Festival has become the icon of the traditional ethnic and folk music and songs internationally, "says.

Abang Johari, accompanied by his wife Datin Jumaani and the permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Social and urban development Datu Ik Pahon Joyik, among the public at the festival was held at ParkCity Everly Hotel here.

Abang Johari noted that the festival has attracted a growing after each year and more participation by places outside Asia such as America, the Canada and in Europe.

"Share which, Miri is also located near Brunei which is where we could draw international visitors and tourists, including expatriate communities coming as tourists to Miri", he added.

The presence of Miri born Victor Yong and The Electric Carnival Band also boosted his confidence.

Born in Miri and now living in the Canada, Victor marked his musical return Miri with Borneo Jazz with his Latin inspired Carnival group.

Well that grow with rock and roll, jazz Victor love he finally moved in a career as an international guitarist.

Victor is an incessant Explorer, discover new styles, techniques and directions that he combines with a foundation of Latin Jazz-rock fusion.

Victor debut compact disc reveals his experience collective of more than 25 years of writing and performing in rock and jazz genres.

The album, and concert band, proposed among the big names in the scene Canadian jazz, delicate exercise mix of composition and improvisation, always with attention to detail.

"We in collaboration with the Sarawak Tourism Board will evaluate and think about ways to prepare the future direction of the festival." This festival would be the Foundation to develop Miri as a center of jazz in this region, he added, saying that the music has evolved to become a large industry internationally.

Among the measures to be taken to develop the local jazz scene, he suggested holding small concerts and workshops for musicians and artists are.

"We must rope international experts of jazz music, including the musical instrument to create the awareness and interest among young people in music.".

"With this us be able to create and performers at the international level", he added.

He said that Miri should be proud as Zee Avi has created a storm in the international arena of jazz music.

The girl Miri positions currently herself as a singer and composer of jazz music in New York, America.

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