Monday, 16 May 2011

Julian large groups: Gladwell - reviews

Guitar legend in vibes player Gary Burton's latest discovery, large, Julian, and engaging follow-up Grammy nominations to sound point debut. Burton, Pat Metheny twentysomething 20s Lage, he and younger than it is worth checking out his opinion of guitarist always to have discovered. Large straight road of jazz is more than relatively evenly guitarist is open Bill Frisell is newcomer band-leisurely but perceptive saxophonist Dan do not follow a mainly reflects Blake - bass guitar, percussion, cello. Gladwell to establish how vivid sound world players of the acoustic quintet that is exhilarating demonstration. It's the music of cello and sax, busy urban nightscapes romantic Cafe pirouettings (this demandingly percussion) to and voice melodies such as subtle in the final fixture of whispers becomes complete [moves from fast strummed Groove turning. From the ping harmonics are addicted to standard freight train treatment of resourceful large, crystal clear solos, acoustic guitar and his account of autumn leaves, plenty of attention guitar students. This is the album quiet character for all kinds of listeners.

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