Tuesday, 17 May 2011

John Taylor Trio/Julian Arguelles: Requiem for a dreamer - review

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The sophisticated British duo of pianist John Taylor and saxophonist Julian Arguelles has unveiled a part of this music on their recent Cheltenham jazz festival show, but the support of the trio fine with bassist Palle Danielsson and drummer Martin France modifies the tendency of the pair to create a sense of weightlessness harmonically; in fact, Taylor regular listeners could be surprised by how swinging and firmly rooted song dedicated album of Kurt Vonnegut is. Someone, I used to be accelerating out of its reflective, weakly Iberian soprano saxophone intro in a piano chordal more thunderous chords trailing break. Phrases loop Staccato resolve in mislaid diversions on the powerful theme of Unstuck in time (passages straight-swing, bursting of ambiguous episodes endorse the title); Arguelles combines traditional, skills of Ballad of saxophone tenor with melodic contemporary muscle on so it goes; It sounds unexpectedly the grater and raw on backbeat arrest, slow on the closure of Requiem 2 of the France of Martin; and the Groove maliciously bumping of the sounds of Calypso 53 as something of a postmodern Stan Tracey could have written. JF

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