Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Jazz in Key West: a musical Version of build it and they Will Come - Franckling's JazzNotes

If you are looking for jazz, you can find, sometimes even in the most unexpected and sometimes unusual places. In this case, it is honey in Key West, a town in the tropical part that rivals New Orleans for its holiday spirit, but not the depth and breadth of his music. At least it is the perception of some people from the outside.

Kathie and I found a sanitary block of so-called Duval Key West - the stretch of bars and clubs along the Duval Street, through downtown from the Gulf of the Mexico a dozen blocks or the Atlantic.

"Jazz in the garden" is a series of Sunday evening from 5: 30 to 20: 00 in the lush tropical flora in the Gardens Hotel, a former area of 17-next to the corner of the streets of Simonton and Angela.

May 1st, singer-pianist Lenore Troia was included in a trio with saxophonist format Marty photo and drummer Richie Ciavolino. Music was laid back more often than otherwise, with a tropical and Brazilian flair as Troyes blended original, a few tunes Jobim and some standards. His skilful included originals "Sand Dancing," "Symptoms of Love" and "Point Me South i-95." There was also a fiery jazz resumption of takin' The Doobie Brothers "' it in the streets."

It is a free block for the region jazz connoisseurs who appreciate perhaps his lack of coverage, its intimate atmosphere, innovative wine bar and at least one woman, a chance to cool off in the swimming pool of the hotel has a few steps away.

Troyes, who was raised in Connecticut, called Key West houses since the beginning of the 1990s. In addition to regularly to Jazz in the garden - and many other clubs in various contexts, it also books series Hotel gardens.

"I am here cats that can really play," she said between sets.

Troyes and others who play or dig jazz will also most Monday nights for a jam weekly to the nearby green Parrot bar on Whitehead Street. The Green Parrot also offers the blues on Sunday night.

Keep the two sites in mind next time you are in the region.

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