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Hugh Laurie at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival - review

Hugh LaurieIn Hugh Laurie, Cheltenham Jazz Festival. Photo: Marilyn Kingwill

Have a musician's joke: Jazz 100 to determine million, 20000 to start. Theory for hiding the in many cases the type of player headstart, been tested much Hugh Laurie, a former Star Comics, now the medical series Home United States TV's highest-paid actor lead role. The information may be to provide a moment of truth.

Raleigh, life of early jazz and blues fans, triumphant do not constrain the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2011 Canada guitarist Kevin bright and his debut album the finished backup by the quintet dominated by material from those stories can, punchy. It mainly contemporary shaped six-day event, and often characteristics of jazz from the book reviewed variations very different concepts was.

Delivery point for Raleigh old original Jelly Roll Morton, Huddie Ledbetter, Leroy Carr, JB Lenoir, piano and guitar more than competent members skills such as art, without some vocal tribute caricature art rekindled fine instinct of the actor, official documents and devotees often abandoned music.

"I wet splash of Ecstasy in unbundling the" Raleigh first audience is "my gentleman behind to take care of all your music needs. "Warning

They didn't have to, but often reached critical temperature of the same music. Just the opener against jazzily traditional Adaptive Thelonious Monk theme became a contemporary concept of jazz piano and soprano sax interpretation summer.

Of bright slide guitar chords, balefully choppy rhythm, eerie Joshua fit the battle back (only tom-tom thumps erupted the dramatic St James became a tenor saxophone Henry Vincent's roar ringing guitar sound by singing backup Huddie Ledbetter Blues Jericho began a delicate piano chords, clinics, and Raleigh is foot stamping of), and was make myself focus and determination Laurie showed all patients inadvertently devoted love songs. Professor long hair rocker, very unexpected force de of and way of speaking tour they scratched, Encore, and James Booker.

Sharp contrast most of the products of one of the classiest of the Raleigh show, United Kingdom, most eclectic Jazz Festival, to be sure, compelling event is totally big noise.

In Sun-Sunday, blown Jazz stereotypes such as saxes children cartwheels Hendrix guitar strings away while on grass turning irregular horn section dispel darkness of black and white characters, hilarious Strauss for tampering with the past tense also spake and ripping the silver hair, Rainbow hair and hair marquee, sunbathers, and band their way chose.

???????????????????????, Festival guest Director of the wound until Sunday a rare solo and his first gig since birth, Sophie Dahl and his daughter cloth in March. Cullum "it I've since second home so much," to said with a wry smile adoring audience. At the same time broadcasting 75 has been in theaters 6 countries.

Two sets, he is visibly, tensions start from Cullum original, pop covers and standards, and Radiohead in the yearning account dry, Fran landesman from classical spring can really hang you most-join rattled unwinding risk successfully intimate ballad beatboxing-highlights.

1, 2010 At Silver candidate Kit Downes and was explored to a powerful Sextet of his Scandinavian folk, contemporary Cowboy Bebop and anthemic modern Blues original Brand New Heavies keyboardist Neil Cowley jackhammering lock - piano chord was mixed purrs sexy swing and a String Quartet.

Norway Toad Gustavsen was very different hitmaker impressed in his homeland barely small acoustic music, trickling floor motif is cymbal, gently brushes are quiet parts, heavy bass, and humming, and saxophone during his ????? like tore Brunborg was perfectly responsive, AWE, Church-like atmosphere in.

About increasingly open despite the presence of the supergroup unleash home, an unmistakable message muscles and compromising the very strong United Kingdom and Northern European Cheltenham, overtone Quartet - Eric Harland drummer, bassist Larry grenadier and saxophonist Chris Potter pianist Jason Moran, rubbing lyrical jazz.

‧ This article 4 was revised in May 2011. Former Canada guitarist Kevin bright is called. This has been fixed.

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