Saturday, 21 May 2011

Nailah Porter - ConJazzNess

The Hollywood-style handing that accompanied the first album of vocalist Nailah Porter is that, to focus on his music, that she walked away a brilliant career to fight the injustices as a lawyer and a lobbyist in Washington DC. Perhaps that explains the advice it provides, in the way of hands, stop worrying about the troubles in the world, "put in the hands of God and pray for peace." Maybe she had to have enough to try to make a difference.

In fact, this slightly fuzzy yet sincere spiritual desire permeates the whole of this first album. The title itself (pronounced "conscience") indicates an attempt to borrow some of the emotional sincerity of jazz and soul in the service of smooth ditties to wear. Obviously, it takes itself seriously - enough even if hazy lyrics (abstracts addressing, "negativity" and "spirit") are not deep enough that she would like. In the same way, the music here is superficially insured, but of a certain way lack substance or originality. Breathing is eyebrow folk-jazz Groove with acoustic guitar and flute, akin to (but far as movement as) what color is love of Terry Callier. While the birds & Lillies appears to be achieved for a basic Blues wisdom in the vein of Nina Simone but musters really only a travesty of pop ersatz. On the other hand, arrangements of pianist Deron Johnson arrives for a deep jazz atmosphere, but talented musicians are obviously very tightly reined. The truly research, yet all the soprano saxophone, too brief solo on the functions he talks much like a solo guitar - or indeed a rap - would be in any pop harmony: a time instrumental token fill a gap between the verses.

That is not to say wear can sing. Obviously, she listened and absorbed the techniques of contemporary singers like Cassandra Wilson and Norah Jones, and like the latter, undemanding pop-jazz brand is certainly intended to be the soundtrack of countless coffee dates for the years to come. It could even go far as to suggest that his voice is impeccable - so as to Billie Holiday never could manage. However, it is holiday, step of Porter, whose work will always be cherished 100 years.

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