Friday, 20 May 2011

Weather report - Live In Berlin 1975

Members of the "no more old jazz" lobby may find it difficult to raise a smile without speaking to lend ear to do something like that, but it would be their loss. A set of unpublished concert captures the pioneers of the merger in full tilt and deliciously will open that the debate on what is the line-up of the group led by former Miles Davis, keyboardist Joe Zawinul and saxophonist Wayne Shorter and has seen a string of brilliant young tyros come on and go fifteen years of volcanic activity.

Perhaps more controversial, it could be argued that bassist Alphonso Johnson was perhaps a more effective cog in the futuristic machine that the divinise Jaco Pastorious, the man who would replace him and become one of the key figures on the instrument in the ensuing years. Johnson is simply compelling here, develop robust and articulate tone and its phrasing and immediate with the character of roadhouse blues-rock type that fully suits big and noisy, bombast fueled by testosterone which is such an essential part of the aesthetic WR.

Freezing fire, which opens the game with mucho sturm und drang is an example. It is probably of the band to its more red raw, with Johnson low, battery Chester Thompson and Alex Acuna percussion creating a whirlpool of what is really heady swirl and hyperactive funk staccato. In addition, wild accelerations on the snare provide a captivating plan muddy jungle producers still born of the 1990s, a decade who feels already there throughout his life. But if we speak of past, present and future blend and blur to good effect, then Weather Report were masters of travel time sonic.

What truly makes this extraordinary performance, it is the way in which the colors of keyboard and the reasons for the Horn evoke ancestral atmosphere, nearly the dawn of time in a bar, and then a tone of TI-cam-in-external-space Sci - Fi the next, the essence of which is an absolutely amazing version of Scarlet woman. Other highlights a mysterious traveller robust, groove-heavy and plaintive a Badia/Boogie Woogie Waltz moody. Essential listening for the two faithful and faithless.

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