Wednesday, 18 May 2011

FR David Murray Cuban together plays Nat King Cole Español - review

Buy the CDDavid Murray Cuban togetherPlays Nat King Cole "en Espanol"Decca (UMO) 2011

The virtuoso of the powerful and exciting sax born California David Murray was proclaimed in the early 1970s as an heir of implacable free jazz icon Albert Ayler, and then developed in the most receptive world-musicians chambresspacieuses, making improv all azimuth and accessible peeping jazz and blues coexist in one of the most natural and its ways. But even on the open standards of Murray, it is an unusual venture: it sets its sound chest wide sax alongside singer of Argentine tango grater and arranger Daniel Melingo and whole Sinfonieta of Sines of Cuba, of the recovery of Latin America of Nat King Cole recordingsmade in Spanish and Portuguese, in 1958 and 1961. This is a very warm and syncopated album for Murray. These swing songs shine with knowledge of life: the alertness arrangements for strings and horns buoy his rich tenor of Murray, operating way Ben Websterish smoky, without swamping it. It is fairly smooth, of course, but solo of the slow superb Murray on no Me Platiques - relaxation of rich mode of long notes quietly updated - enough surprise offer jazz for the whole album within eight minutes.

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