Thursday, 19 May 2011

Telefilm: Capitalizing on the commendation: Disney brands "Seal Team 6".

Given that the Navy never publicly acknowledged the existence of the team, it would appear that the name is to win. Enter Disney for profits.

Two days after the SEAL team was down Osama bin Laden to his composed of Abbottabad, Disney saw dollar signs in their eyes. After the filing of a trademark for the name "seal Team 6", they will now benefit the very disputed elite Squadron merchandising awards.

Of course, seal team 6 is shaping up to be the next title coveted to adorn goods of all kinds. For example, cue the figurine: we envision that it is something as G.I. Joe meets Superman meets with Ken (maybe we should mark this idea!). But leave Disney to stomp on our pleasure. With the new brands, they control you rights of pretty many things that one could imagine that the words "seal Team 6" on it. Trade-the company purchased three marks are valid on "toys, games, toys," "clothing, footwear and headwear," and the very large scale "entertainment services, and education.".

Seal team 6 has proven its marketing potential, and Disney, wisely, was the first to jump on the opportunity to make a profit. Maybe the Navy will be stitched in imminent domain? Frankly, as long as we are exempt from the payment of royalties from Disney, each time that mention us "seal Team 6", we let this one slide with nothing more than an eye roll contrec?ur.

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