Monday, 16 May 2011

Dream Requiem of John Taylor Trio Julian Argüelles-reviews

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Pianist of the duo United Kingdom some music recently Cheltenham Jazz Festival show support for original fine trio of bassist Palle Danielsson, sophisticated change tendency of the pair to create a harmonious feeling of weightless, drummer John Taylor and saxophonist Julian Arguelles and Martin France; fact that listeners are normal Taylor might be surprised how swing songs closely rooted is this dedicated Kurt Vonnegut album. I someone use the reflex, faintly rampant chord piano intro of the Iberian Peninsula soprano sax break more and more like thunder chord accelerates. Wayward amusement theme punchy staccato loop phrase Unstuck in (to support the obscure episode pop straight swing passage title) solution;, Arguelles joins go past, Ballade for tenor saxophone skills and melody with modern muscle; he is suddenly arrested Martin France, slow BackBeat closure Requiem 2 rolling with live audio; may have written a postmodern hoax bump Groove Calypso 53 sounds like Stan Tracey's. JF

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