Friday, 20 May 2011

Nostalgia 77 - sleepwalking society

Nostalgia 77 is the name of Benedic Lamdin, a prolific producer who has produced 11 albums in a variety of forms since 2004. His music encompasses everything from compositions based on the sample of collaborations with actual musicians, live from the caliber of Keith and Julie Tippett, among others. Sleepwalking, the fourth album nostalgia 77, very well fall into this last category, this time placing German singer small Josa centre stage.

Sleepwalking album opener says his case with emphatic rhythm, bluesy vocals, winds and organ roaring while Golden morning delights with its battery snare played softly, wood bass tones and the small hid yet heartfelt vocals. Characteristic Mockingbird lyrical sax falling like shimmering sunlight on a melancholy ode to solitude which disappears slowly in silence.

Strings introduce Cherry and then stops to reveal pinch of acoustic guitar and the lament of clear tones of the small pick up the melody and lead the song to its end. The tonal color of the whole album is a sepia cyan madtom: encompassing a reflective range of jazz and folk-inflected blues which explores the uncertainty of life and relations meal failed. Sleepwalking society ends with Hush, a Threne almost nine minutes ringing with nostalgia on a final following a stately pace.

Throughout the album, the production of the Lamdin offers a sense of clarity and minus confidence. Noise connects distantly to 4hero of work later in his exploration of found acoustic song-form development of a bottom of programmed beats. Married to it is clear emphasis on percussion and its priority in the mixture. Although actually released Tru Thoughts Records, society of sleepwalking may also have found a comfortable home on Compost Records the Germany alongside Clara Hill, Koop and Micatone.

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