Friday, 20 May 2011

Millikin Jazz Bash draws large crowd in Lock Stock & Barrel

DECATUR - like music, improvised Jazz Bash.

Featuring orchestras of jazz of the Millikin University, combos of jazz and vocal groups, Jazz Bash was scheduled for the second consecutive year as a great event in the open air in the lot behind Lock Stock & barrel, but a cool and rainy day conspired to take inside for the second time.

The event has made a smooth transition, and Lock, Stock & barrel was filled with crowds of fans of jazz forward an afternoon of entertainment.

Millikin Professor Perry Rask said that the event was a last struggle for the end of the semester.

"We have so good groups, but the performance to the blow by blow," said Rask. "We threw (the idea of a Jazz Bash) around for many more years that we have, and we have all wheels except for the problem of the weather."

New this year was an appearance by former Jazz Band, a group of graduates of Millikin who, in some cases, crossed the country to perform.

"People come from as far away as Texas on their own nut," said Rask. "The guys in the band really love the opportunity to come back with the people they know."

It is a good arrangement for Lock Stock & barrel, whose Director General, said Jake Supp. fills up every Saturday from October to may for jazz evenings.

"Millikin years has established a partnership with lock Stock to have jazz bands on Saturday afternoon," said Jake Supp, Director General of Lock Stock & barrel. "Each Saturday, we pack the House.". We hoped packaging and from the outside, but the weather did a not cooperate. ?

Millikin junior Andrew Evangelista, Jazz Bash this year, it was a reversal. Last year, he was a performer, vocal Co-Director of this year in one of the groups of the University, Blu Bop. Being behind the scenes of a group of 17 people has been a learning experience, he said.

"The show is a little hectic now because it's raining, but we're really very happy," said Evangelista. "There are many things attitude you choose on when you are not the Director."


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